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STRUCTUS is a CUCP Certified DBE, and a CMD certified LBE consulting engineering firm with extensive experience in ground, air, and water transportation projects. Examples of such projects include the SFO rental car facility, parking garages A & G, and BART station/Concourse H, the SFMTA central subway project, the CALTRANS downtown extension, a bulkhead structure retrofit study for Pier 38, and a retrofit of Pier 22½. We have performed seismic evaluation and retrofit of over 100 buildings including the Kagoshima Air Terminal for which we received an Award of Merit from the National Council of Structural Engineers Association and an Excellence in Structural Engineering Award from the Structural Engineer’s Association of Northern California. The project has also been published in the January 2003 issue of “Structure” magazine.

Sunol, CA The Alameda Creek Bridge is a 12 span concrete bridge, with a total length of 300 ft. designed for H-20 loading. STRUCTUS prepared the preliminary engineering document and final analysis for the retrofit of this bridge per Caltrans criteria, 

San Francisco, CA This facility includes a 1.5 million sf. four-level concrete garage with a budget of $85 million. STRUCTUS was responsible for 20% of the project’s structural engineering scope, including design/construction review services of 

Square Footage: 1,500,000

Stories: 4

San Francisco, CA This project consists of two eight-story concrete parking garages, a light rail station, and miscellaneous structures, with a total budget of $103 million. STRUCTUS was responsible for 20% of structural engineering scope, including design/construction 

San Francisco, CA This project includes three pedestrian bridges, stairs, mezzanines and other structural modifications at terminals B, D, and F, at the San Francisco International Airport. The Pedestrian Bridges are constructed of exposed structural 

San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS is the prime consultant for the Seismic Retrofit Design of 22 Shop and Yard Buildings in the BART System, with a total building plan area of approximately 250,000 sf. The project includes BART maintenance shops, offices, storage 

San Francisco, CA This is a four level intermodal transportation structure which houses the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) and the Airport Rail Transit System (ARTS) tracks, platforms and stations, as well as a pedestrian crossover with moving walkways. 

San Francisco, CA This 2.5 mile light rail project includes a surface station, 3 subway stations, surface tracks, and 1.5 miles of bored tunnel. STRUCTUS is responsible for the structural engineering and design of a new surface station, the concrete inverts, 

San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS has been working on this $1.2 billion rail extension project from the existing train station at 4th Street/Townsend Street to the proposed Transbay Terminal at 1st Street/Mission Street. For 10% Design, we completed preliminary 

San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS is the prime consultant for this facility. The Facility includes a 4,500 sf prebabricated metal frame “Boat House” structure, supported by a 2,000 sf concrete deck, and an approximately 100 ft. long concrete causeway 

Mizobechofumoto, 822 Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan The Kagoshima Air Terminal Building is located in the southern tip of Japan’s Kyushu Island and within a very active seismic zone, not unlike the San Francisco Bay Area. The Terminal Building 

Client: Oiles Corporation

Square Footage: 185,000

Stories: 4