Water / Wastewater

Sunol Water Treatment Plant Phases I & II

Sunol, CA

Phase I of the $39 million Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Project includes:

  • Upgrading the flocculation and sedimentation basins.
  • Seismic retrofitting and strengthening.
  • Architectural improvements and additions.
  • Increasing capacity of backwash water supply, wash water recovery and sludge facilities.
  • Other improvements to meet DHS requirements.

Phase II of the project includes

  • Preparing a conceptual engineering report for a new 440 MGD plant.
  • Coordinating with Phase I design work.
  • Ensuring consistency with other PUC projects for Capital Improvements Plan, Water Supply Master Plan, Vulnerabilities Study, Hetch Hetchy Ozonation…etc.
  • Improving reliability with prudent seismic design.
  • Other improvements to meet DHS requirements.

STRUCTUS was a JV Prime Consultant responsible for nearly all structural engineering work including response spectra analyses and seismic retrofit design of the operator’s building, filter basins and galleries, sedimentation basins, flocculation basins, the new laboratory building, support framing and foundations for new plate settlers, and a review of the seismic resistance capacity of anchorages for all existing equipment, tanks…etc.

STRUCTUS was also responsible for the preliminary structural design of the new 440 MGD (million gallon per day) Water Treatment Plant.

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