Project List

Representative Project List

Public Schools

  • New Bessie Carmichael School, SFUSD
  • New Rooftop Middle School, SFUSD
  • New George Moscone School, SFUSD
  • Lowell High School, New Science Wing, SFUSD
  • Claire Lilienthal School, Retrofit, SFUSD
  • Kent Middle School Renovation, Kentfield
  • Basich School Renovation, Kentfield
  • New Educational Tech Center, San Leandro
  • Urban Promise Academy, New Assembly Building and Renovation, Oakland
  • Martin Luther King Jr. School, Oakland
  • Central Chinese High School, SFUSD
  • Edison Elementary School, SFUSD
  • Yerba Buena High School, San Jose
  • Gloria Davis Middle School, SFUSD
  • Glen Park Elementary School, SFUSD
  • New Sheridan Elementary School, SFUSD
  • DSA Plan Checks, Total 5 contracts completed
  • Numerous other projects for Antioch, Liberty Union, San Rafael, and SFUSD

Community Colleges & Universities

  • CCSF, New Mission Campus bldgs. B1 & B2
  • CCSF, New Chinatown Campus Lot 9/10 bldg.
  • UC Irvine, Environment Health & Safety Services Building
  • Foothill College, Storage Building
  • UC Berkeley, Northgate Hall Retrofit
  • UC Berkeley, Birge Hall Renovation
  • UC Santa Cruz, Old Science Building Retrofit
  • UC San Francisco, Pathology Laboratory
  • De Anza College, Renovations
  • Merrit College, Renovations
  • Laney College, Renovations


  • Menlo Park Library, San Francisco
  • New Portola Library, San Francisco
  • New North Beach Library, San Francisco
  • SF Main Library Post Occupancy Study

Civic Facilities

  • San Francisco Opera House, Seismic Retrofit and Improvements
  • Harvey Milk Recreation Center, Seismic Retrofit and Additions
  • Joseph Lee Recreation Center
  • New Public Safety Building

Healthcare Facilities

  • UCSF Moffitt Hospital Metabolic Kitchen/Lab
  • John Muir Hospital Rehab Garden
  • Chinese Hospital Radiology, Addition/Renovation
  • Humana Hospital, New Entry Structure/Radiology
  • Napa State Hospital, Buildings 197 & 199 renovation
  • Beale Air Force Base Medical Facility, Addition
  • San Francisco General Hospital Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Studies
    • Main Building
    • M-Wing
    • Buildings 9/9A/9B
    • Buildings 10/20/30/40
    • Buildings 80/90
    • Buildings 4/100/200/300
  • OSHPD Plan Checks
    • Oakland Kaiser Medical Center
    • Chinese Hospital of San Francisco
    • Santa Rosa Kaiser North Wing Addition
    • UC Irvine Replacement Hospital
    • Kawaeah Delta District Hospital
    • San Jose Regional Medical Center

Multi Unit Housing

  • Yerba Buena, Plaza East
  • Parkview Senior Housing
  • Antonia Manor, Structural Strengthening
  • Beresford Arms Hotel, Seismic Retrofit
  • Fillmore Heritage Center
  • GEDC Family Housing
  • GEDC Mason Street Housing
  • Maria Manor
  • St. Anthony’s Women Center
  • Madonna House, Seismic Retrofit Study
  • Villa Park, Tumon Bay, Guam


  • Alameda Creek Bridge Seismic Retrofit
  • Mission Creek Pedestrian Bridge Study
  • BART Station/Concourse H, SFIA
  • Three Pedestrian Bridges, T1, T2, & T3 of SFIA
  • Illinois Street Rail Bridge Bridging Documents

Airport Facilities

  • Kagoshima Air Terminal retrofit, Japan
  • Airfield Ops Facility, SFIA
  • BART/Concourse H, SFIA
  • Rental Car Facility, SFIA
  • Marine Emergency Response Facility, SFIA
  • Public Parking Garage, SFIA
  • Terminal 1 Gates, Oakland International
  • Interim Ticketing, Oakland International

Rail Transportation

  • SFMTA Central Subway
  • CALTRANS Transbay Terminal/Downtown Extension
  • BART AE30 System-Wide Shops and Yards Seismic Retrofit
  • Illinois Street Rail Bridge Bridging Documents
  • BART/Concourse H, SFIA

Public Transportation

  • Muni Backup Generator Building
  • Muni Third Street Rail Support
  • AC Transit Transportation Bldg.
  • AC Transit Bus Maintenance Bldg.

Water Treatment Plant

  • Sunol Water Treatment Plan Phases I & II
  • Alameda Water District Membrane Filtration Project
  • Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant
    • Filtration Improvements
    • Flocculation Basin Seismic Retrofit
    • Basins 1 – 11 Seismic Retrofit
    • Ozone Building Seismic Retrofit
    • Operation Complex Seismic Retrofit
    • Ozone Contractor Building Seismic Retrofit
    • Two New Upwelling Basins
  • New Lombard Reservoir
  • O’Shaughnessy Dam Intake Modifications
  • Bay Tunnel Project(Bay Div. Pipeline No.5)
  • Moccasin Old Power House
  • Oakdale Pipeline Protection Project
  • Seismic Retrofit
    • Sunset Reservoir
    • University Mound Reservoir
    • Stanford Heights Reservoir
    • College Hill Reservoir

Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Mission Bay Sewer Pump Station No. 1 & 4
  • SFPUC Sewer Master Plan Evaluations
    • South East and Oceanside Plants Visual Condition Survey
    • South East Plant Visual Mitigation Study
    • South East, North Point, and Oceanside Plants Rapid Seismic Evaluation
    • 4 Major Pump Stations Rapid Seismic Evaluations
  • SFPUC South East Plant Concrete Corrosion Investigation and Repair
  • SFPUC South East Plant Buildings 940 and 540, Channel Pump Station, and Oceanside Storage Facility Structural Assessments


  • Sunset Reservoir, Retrofit
  • Balboa Reservoir, Preliminary Engineering
  • New Lombard Reservoir
  • Merced Manor Reservoir, Retrofit
  • Standford Height Reservoir, Retrofit
  • Sunol Reservoir
  • College Hill Reservoir, Retrofit
  • University Mound Reservoir North Basin, Retrofit
  • Yerba Buena Island Water Storage Tanks Evaluation

Water Conveyance Facilities

  • Bay Tunnel Project(Bay Div. Pipeline No.5)
  • Oakdale Pipeline Protection Project
  • O’Shaughnessey Dam Intake Well Modification

Justice Facilities

  • Del Norte County Courthouse
  • Lassen County Detention Facility
  • Mendocino County Detention Facility
  • San Francisco Superior Court
  • San Francisco State Office Bldg.

Pier & Waterfront Projects

  • New Marine Rescue Facility, SFIA
  • New Brannan Street Wharf, SF Port
  • Pier 30/32 International Cruise Terminal, SF Port
  • Pier 1½, 3, and 5 Concrete Repair, SF Port
  • Pier 22½ and Fire Boat Station Seismic Retrofit, SF Port
  • Fishery Wharf J-9 & J-10 Repair/Replacement Studies, SF Port
  • Pier 27/29 Structural Condition Survey, SF Port
  • Pier 31 Structural Condition Survey, SF Port
  • Agriculture Building Structural Condition Survey, SF Port
  • Pier 24 Annex Seismic Retrofit, SF Port
  • Pier 48 Peer Review, SF Port
  • Pier 38 Bulkhead Seismic Retrofit Study