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Water Treatment / Conveyance / Storage

San Francisco, CA As Prime JV Partner, STRUCTUS was responsible for the co-management of this large concrete reservoir retrofit project with over 440,000 sf of covered area, and for the seismic retrofit design of three large interior segments with ductile 

San Francisco, CA The 131 year old College Hill Reservoir is an integral part of the City’s water storage, hydraulics and distribution infrastructure. Four mains feed north from the reservoir through the Mission district and serve an area that includes 

San Francisco, CA The Merced Manor reservoir is a concrete structure with approximately 70,000 s.f. of roof area and is sub-divided into two basins. Seismic retrofit design was based on the SFPUC UEB design standard and utilizes FEMA 356 Criteria. STRUCTUS 

San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS is a J.V. prime consultant responsible for seismic retrofit design of the Sunset Reservoir North Basin. This project requires seismic retrofit, concrete repair, flow improvements, and a new ramp for a 95 million gallon concrete 

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Oakdale, CA As a part of the San Joaquin Pipeline Project, the Oakdale Pipeline Protection structure is primarily a concrete vault shielding a large main pipeline as well as several other tributaries as they connect to the main pipeline. The structure 

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Wastewater Treatment / Conveyance / Storage

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San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS worked on the recycled water master plan project for SFPUC. Tasks included site visits and evaluations of various potential sites for a reservoir and treatment facility for recycled water for the Westside Plant. Additional work 

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San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS provided full structural engineering services during design as well as support services during construction for these sewer pump stations in Mission Bay. The project includes three non-pile supported, buried storm water pump 

San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS performed site visits and structural assessments to check adequacy of existing slabs, beams, grade beams, walls, and foundation systems for the anticipated loads at affected area due to equipment loading.  

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San Francisco, CA As a Joint Venture Prime Consultant, STRUCTUS participated in this task order for concrete corrosion investigation and repair of the Inlet Channels to the Aeration Bains and Primary Sedimentation Banks.  

San Francisco, CA STRUCTUS’ tasks as a structural sub-consultant for this contract included: Visual Condition Survey STRUCTUS performed a visual condition survey of approximately 20 structures within the Southeast Plant, Oceanside Plant, and several 

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